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Sports Clinics
CLIN 010
Volleyball All-Skills Clinic I
The volleyball clinic features fundamental skill-building such as passing, setting, spiking, hitting, serving, blocking, etc.  Clinic activities include games, game strategies, tournaments, and teamwork. Fees pay for clinic expenses (participant's t-shirt, insurance, instructor salaries, etc.) and also support SCC Athletics/Varsity Sports (which may include the following: student-athlete scholarships, coaches' salaries, equipment, team banquets, team travel expenses, etc.) Ages 10-14.
Weekend Classes
Item6221Sec010cr10:00am-12:00pm  Sa
  Rm3020   West, R
$150. Starting date for this class is 9/27/2014. Ending date for this class is 10/18/2014.
Item6223Sec020cr10:00am-12:00pm  Sa
  Rm3020   West, R
$150. Starting date for this class is 10/25/2014. Ending date for this class is 11/15/2014.
Plus 50 Business
P-BUS 101
eBay: The Basics of Selling +50
Learn how to create an eBay Seller account, create succesfful eBay listings, load pictures and accept credit card payment with PayPal. Covers selling "Tips, Tricks and Traps", market analysis, determining shipping costs, where to get FREE shipping supplies, how to print shipping labels from your home computer and get FREE home pickup. Lecture.
Weekend Classes
Item3048Sec011cr09:00am-03:00pm  Sa
  Rm1308   Ikuseghan, J
Starting date for this class is 10/4/2014. Ending date for this class is 10/11/2014.
P-BUS 104
Create a Profitable Pet Sitting Business +50
This information-packed class gives you detailed instructions on how to launch a pet sitting business, avoid beginner's mistakes and protect you from liability.  Become a licensed, insured professional who can handle pet emergencies and provide custom care.  Special focus on effective, low-cost marketing to put you on a fast track to success.
Weekend Classes
Item3042Sec010.7cr10:00am-02:00pm  Sa
  Rm1101   Seward,J
Starting date for this class is 10/11/2014. Ending date for this class is 10/18/2014.
Plus 50 Computer
P-CMP 103
Create a Website for Fun, Profit & Business! +50
No programming required! Discover easy-to-use design tools that can build your personal or business website in 60 minutes.  Topics include:using pay-per-click ads to get traffic on sites such as Google, how to get ranked by the three major search engines (SEO), tips on website design and Internet market research tools.  Lecture only.
Weekend Classes
Item3049Sec011cr09:00am-03:00pm  Sa
  Rm1308   Ikuseghan, J
Starting date for this class is 10/18/2014. Ending date for this class is 10/25/2014.
Physical Education
PE 280
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
CPR for the Professional Rescuer.  Includes adult, infant and child rescue breathing, choking and CPR, as well as two-person CPR, pocket mask and bag-valve mask skills.  Previously PE 191. Student option grading.
Weekend Classes
Item2057SecC11cr08:00am-05:00pm  Sa
  Rm3002   Kay, B
Additional fees of $3.60 for the class plus $1.00 per credit are collected for this class. This class meets 9/27/2014 only.
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