Screening committee members

The Presidential Search Screening Committee is an important component of the overall open and inclusive process embraced by the Shoreline Community College Board of Trustees for the recruitment of a new president at the College. 


The screening committee assists in reviewing candidate applications against the candidate-profile criteria as previously determined by the Board of Trustees following input gathered at open campus forums. Examples of the screening committee’s role and responsibilities include:

  • Understand and articulate the needs of the College from the perspective of each represented constituency
  • Attend all screening committee meetings as scheduled by the committee chair
  • Provide evidence-based feedback related to individual candidate strengths and weaknesses
  • Maintain and ensure strict confidentiality for candidates both on and off campus during the recruitment process

The screening committee is comprised of up to three representatives from each of the administrative, classified, faculty, and student constituency groups. Committee members from each of those groups were nominated and elected by their own constituents.


In addition, there are three committee members selected from the community at large by the Board of Trustees.


Training and orientation sessions for committee members is required for committee members prior to starting the candidate review process.


Committee members include:

 Board of Trustees  
 Phil Barrett Member, Board of Trustees
 Tayloe Washburn Member, Board of Trustees
Tony Costa Program Manager B – Perkins Grant (Tutoring)
Barb Kristek Secretary Supervisor – Humanities Division
Lynette Peters Program Manager A – Women’s Center
Amy Kinsel History - Social Sciences
Terry Taylor History/Political Science - Social Sciences
Ernest Johnson Multicultural - Social Sciences
Lori Yonemitsu Executive Assistant - President's Office
Bob Francis Dean - Social Sciences
Chris Melton Registrar- Enrollment Services
Yifan Yao  Student
Lam Dinh  Student
Asuka Omori  Student
Alan Charnley  Student


Herb Bryce Shoreline Arts Council board member, former Shoreline School District
board member, former community college instructor 
Keith McGlashan  Mayor/Council member, City of Shoreline
Lisa McKeirnan  Managing Partner, Vine Dahlen PLLC (CPA firm)