Vision and Mission

The Shoreline Community College Board of Trustees approve the vision and mission statement as well as the institution’s five core themes. Collectively, these are incorporated  into the Board’s Governance Manual.

The core themes focus directly on the College's educational mission. Our vision, mission and core themes help the College meet the needs and interests of our students, the many communities we serve and our partners.

The Strategic Plan springs from the College's vision, mission and core themes. It serves as an outline of how the College will achieve those stated goals. The plan adjusts annually to meet current and anticipated environmental variables, increasing the success rate of our students and the college.

VISION – Our Goal

We are recognized for inclusive excellence in teaching and learning, student success, and community engagement.

MISSION – Our Purpose
We serve the educational, workforce, and cultural needs of our diverse students and communities.


  1. Educational Attainment – Student Success
  2. Program Excellence
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Access and Diversity
  5. College Stewardship
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