Shoreline's registration system knows what you have completed at Shoreline Community College and what you are currently taking. It will allow you to register for the next level.


Currently taking a prerequisite class?

You will be able to register for the next level. Once grades are available, the departments involved will check that you meet the minimum grade requirement (usually a 2.0). If you don't, you will be canceled from the higher level class.


If you took these classes more than three years ago:

  • English classes or prerequisite to other classes: no time limit.

  • Chemistry: no time limit on prerequisite English or math classes.

  • Math classes or math prerequisite to Econ& 201, Phil& 120 and Phys 110: three years is the limit. If your previous class is older, please talk to a math advisor about your situation. While many students will be asked to take the COMPASS test for current placement, in some situations that may not be necessary. Factors include what exact class you've taken, how long ago, what grade and which class you are currently interested in.