The COMPASS test is used by many colleges for placing students into appropriate courses. Shoreline Community College offers the test several times a week. For more information about the COMPASS test please visit the Testing Center web page.


Once you take the test, you will receive the results immediately. It is critical that you give the Testing Center your Shoreline student ID number at the time of testing. Without that ID your test results are not connected to your record when you register for classes. If you have taken the test using a different number, you'll need to contact the Testing Center to provide them with your Shoreline student ID number.


Compass scores are good for two years from the date of testing. 


New Student Orientation & Registration

When you come to New Student Orientation, please bring a copy of the results to show an advisor. The advisor will review the results and sign your registration form as appropriate.


Web Registration

To register via web registration, please note that it takes 24 to 48 hours for the test results to enter the registration database. If your registration date is sooner, and it is important that you register as soon as possible, you will need approval for your courses by the relevant department via an entry code. 


COMPASS Test Results from another School

The best method is to bring a copy of your test results to Enrollment & Financial Aid Services. You can also fax it there (206-546-5835) or email a copy to so they can be entered into our database.


If your scores are not entered into Shoreline's database, you can show a copy of your test results to an advisor at New Student Orientation or contact the relevant department via email by attaching a copy of your document. However, this will work only for one registration. Therefore, it is critical that your test results be entered into the college's registration database. Please make sure to provide a copy to Enrollment & Financial Aid Services as described above.


COMPASS Test Results Placement Information