The College will be closed Monday, January 16, 2017 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. All campus services will reopen on Tuesday, January 17.

Athletics Contact Information

Athletic Department


Office: 206-546-4746

Fax:    206-546-4609

Athletic Director - Office 3024 B

Men's Athletic Commissioner
Steve Eskridge

Office: 206-546-4553

Cell:    206-234-7859

Program Coordinator - Office 3024
Sydney Hinnebusch

Office: 206-546-4745

Women's Athletic Commissioner - Office 3010
Raquel West

Office: 206-533-6653

Cell:    206-368-6937

Athletic Equipment, Facilities &

Events Coordinator

Issue Room/Office 3001

Donald Brady

Office: 206-546-4649

Intramurals Coordinator - Office 3033

Stacie Attridge

Intramurals/Wellness Coordinator

Megan Toney

 Office: 206-546-6994


Baseball - Office 3024 J

Head Coach Dave Snell

Asst. Coach Dru Snell

Asst. Coach Max Bayern


Office: 206-533-6742

Cell:    206-730-1239



Men's Basketball - Office 3024 D

Head Coach Donald Brady

Asst. Coach Adam Jose

Asst. Coach Don Brady

Office: 206-546-4649

Cell:    760-567-7912

Cell:    206-999-1354


Women's Basketball - Office 3024 H
Head Coach Darnellia Russell

Asst. Coach Greg Pharr

Office: 206-533-6654

Men's Soccer - Office 3024 I

Head Coach George Dremousis

Asst. Coach Luke Sandblom

Office: 206-546-4522

Cell:    206-290-4252

Cell:    480-313-1314

Women's Soccer - Office 3024 I

Head Coach Josh Cardin

Assistant Coach John Lowdon

Assistant Coach Alvin Little JR

Assistant Coach Chelsea Foster


Office: 206-546-4521

Cell: 206-779-1956


Softball - Office 3024 E

Head Coach Kelley Kaneshiro

Asst. Coach Kristine Kaneshiro


Office: 206-546-4525


Volleyball - Office 3010

Co-Head Coach Raquel West

Co-Head Coach Mark West

Asst. Coach Lory Hidano

Asst. Coach Christine Jenson

Office: 206-533-6653

Cell:    206-368-6937

Cell:    206-930-0593


Cell:    206-963-4129


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