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Athletics Contact Information

Athletic Department


Office: 206-546-4746

Fax:    206-546-4609

Athletic Director - Office 3024 B

Men's Athletic Commissioner
Steve Eskridge

Office: 206-546-4553

Cell:    206-234-7859

Program Coordinator - Office 3024
Sydney Hinnebusch

Office: 206-546-4745

Women's Athletic Commissioner - Office 3010
Raquel West

Office: 206-533-6653

Cell:    206-368-6937

Athletic Equipment, Facilities &

Events Coordinator

Issue Room/Office 3001

Donald Brady

Office: 206-546-4649

Intramurals Coordinator - Office 3033

Stacie Attridge

Intramurals/Wellness Coordinator

Megan Toney

 Office: 206-546-6994


Baseball - Office 3024 J
Head Coach Dave Snell

Assoc. Head Coach Rick Teegarden

Asst. Coach Colby Fitzgerald

Office: 206-533-6742

Cell:    206-730-1239
Cell:    425-495-7833

Cell:    360-324-2726


Men's Basketball - Office 3024 D

Head Coach Donald Brady

Asst. Coach Adam Jose

Asst. Coach Don Brady

Office: 206-546-4649

Cell:    760-567-7912

Cell:    206-999-1354


Women's Basketball - Office 3024 H
Head Coach Darnellia Russell

Asst. Coach Greg Pharr

Office: 206-533-6654

Men's Soccer - Office 3024 I

Head Coach George Dremousis

Asst. Coach Sergio 'Pino' Martinez

Asst. Coach Luke Sandblom

Office: 206-546-4522

Cell:    206-290-4252


Cell:    480-313-1314

Women's Soccer - Office 3024 I

Head Coach Josh Cardin

Assistant Coach John Lowdon

Assistant Coach Alvin Little JR

Assistant Coach Chelsea Foster


Office: 206-546-4521


Softball - Office 3024 E

Head Coach Kelley Kaneshiro

Office: 206-546-4525

Volleyball - Office 3010

Co-Head Coach Raquel West

Co-Head Coach Mark West

Asst. Coach Lory Hidano

Asst. Coach Christine Jenson

Office: 206-533-6653

Cell:    206-368-6937

Cell:    206-930-0593


Cell:    206-963-4129


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