Chrysler College Automotive Program (CAP)



Ken Campbell, Instructor


Office: Room 2157
Hours: By appointment
Phone: 206-546-5844
E-mail: kcampbel@shoreline.edu
Fax: 206-546-7856


Ken Campbell has been teaching in the CAP program at Shoreline for the last 10 years. He came to SCC from industry after working in dealerships for over 27 years. He enjoys seeing students' eyes light up when they grasp the concepts he is teaching. Feel free to contact Ken for more information on the CAP program.


This program is a two-year cooperative program resulting in an Associate in Applied Arts & Sciences. Students spend alternating quarters in class and working in a Chrysler dealership. Students must be sponsored in a Chrysler dealership before they are admitted to the program. The Chrysler College Automotive Program (CAP) provides students with the fundamental skills to succeed in the workplace along with valuable hands-on experience.


Get Paid While Learning

Students alternate quarters between classroom instruction and paid dealership training. As students progress through the curriculum, they learn about the major automobile components and systems, including brakes, suspension, emissions, transmissions, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, power trains and engine management systems. Students develop skills in automotive diagnostics, tune-ups and repairs.


Integrated Skills

Students also develop an understanding of automotive service business principles as they apply to the service technician. In their internship placement, students work under the guidance of a master technician at a sponsoring Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Dealership. These paid internships give students the opportunity to integrate their learning and further develop their skills in service technology.


Career Opportunities

The placement rate for this program is 100%. Upon completion, graduates are hired by their sponsoring dealership. The demand for dealer trained technicians should remain strong over the next decade.


Planning Guide:  Chrysler College Auto Program (CAP) Associate in Applied Arts & Sciences Degree (A.A.A.S.)


What you need to be accepted into the CAP program:

  • Instructor permission
  • Minimum COMPASS test scores for Pre-Algebra (35-54), Writing (79-100), Reading (85-100) or placement into ENGL& 101
  • Automotive Skills tests
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Proof of insurability
  • Many dealers require drug testing
  • Instructor interview

Program Costs:  (approximate quarterly costs)


Check current Tuition Table

Parking Fee


Tools & Equipment


Uniform Fee


Add'l Instructional Fees



Costs vary widely; average $200


Fall, Winter, or Summer


Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to:
  • Apply fundamentals of automotive service training, including the basics of automotive diagnostics and repair, pre-delivery inspection and warranty repair procedures.

  • Identify, inspect, disassemble and assemble basic components of automotive power plants.

  • Apply knowledge of the function, construction, operation troubleshooting and service of disc, drum and ABS brake systems, steering, suspension and wheel alignment.

  • Use electronic engine analyzers and scanners to test and tune ignition, fuel injection, and emission systems.

  • Apply understanding of electrical principles, semi-conductors, microprocessors and wiring diagrams to diagnose and repair malfunctions of automotive electrical systems.

  • Apply knowledge of the function, construction, operation, troubleshooting and service of front and rear wheel drive manual and automatic transmissions and transaxels.

  • Test, service and repair heating and air-conditioning systems.

Potential Positions:

Service Technician


With additional experience, technicians can become Parts or Service Managers, seek positions in sales, management, or open their own related business.  Average salaries for the region range from $50,000 to $52,000, depending on location and the individual's production abilities.  For employment outlook, see the U.S. Dept. of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook.



Freshman year

Sophomore year

Winter Quarter

AUTOT 160   Fund of Auto Serv Training  (9 Cr) AUTOT 163   Brakes & Suspension (9 )

                    *   Multicultural Issues:

                         See approved list  (3-5 Cr)

Winter Quarter

AUTOT 164   Manu Gear Trains/Tansax  (9 Cr) AUTOT 167   Auto Trans/Transaxles  (9 Cr)

BUS 102*     Business Mathematics -OR-

MATH 099*   Intermediate Algebra  (5 Cr)

Spring Quarter

AUTOT 291   Coop Dealer Exper I  (20 Cr)

Spring Quarter

AUTOT 293   Coop Dealer Exper III  (20 Cr)

Summer Quarter

AUTOT 161   Engine Repair  (9 Cr)

AUTOT 165   Engine Mgmt/Emission Sys  (9 Cr) BUSTC 215* Prof Communications  (5 Cr)

Summer Quarter

AUTOT 166   Electrical Systems  (9 Cr)

AUTOT 168   Heating and Air Con  (9 Cr)

BUS 105*     Essentials of Human Rela  (2 Cr)

Fall Quarter

AUTOT 292   Coop Dealer Exper II  (20 Cr)

Fall Quarter

AUTOT 294   Coop Dealer Exper IV  (20 Cr)


MoparCAP Professional/Technical Advisory Committee