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Biotechnology Lab Specialist

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Degree Options

  • Associate in Applied Arts & Sciences
  • Certificate of Completion


Career Opportunities

  • Lab Assistant, Lab Specialist, or Research Assistant
  • Biotechnology research and production labs
  • Pharmaceutical

  • Crime labs
  • Fisheries
  • Oceanographic and other nature resource management organizations

Program Contacts

Dina Kovarik, M.S., Ph.D.
(Program Chair)



Joyce Fagel, M.A.
(Advisor, Science Division)




Biotechnology is an exciting and rapidly expanding field. Biologists and other scientists working in research and development use biotechnology techniques for the production of genetically engineered drugs, gene therapy, microbiology, virology, forensic science, agriculture and environmental science. Shoreline's Biotechnology Lab Specialist Program opens the door to a field filled with opportunity.


We provide practical, "hands-on" learning with cutting edge techniques, technologies, and equipment. You will gain a working knowledge of molecular biology, recombinant DNA, immunology, protein purification and tissue culture. The curriculum also provides a foundation in a variety of math and science disciplines including algebra, statistics, chemistry, biology, microbiology and computer science.


Two Program Options

  1. Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences is a two-year program for those without a science background. The first year provides a foundation in math and basic sciences, and the second year focuses on applied biotechnology.
  2. Certificate of Completion is a one-year program for students with prior scientific training and/or experience.

* Both options include an internship in local biotechnology labs.


Get Started

Both degree and certificate students must submit an application in the Spring prior to beginning the second year (core) Biotech courses. Students accepted into the program will receive notification by the first week of June. Acceptance into the program guarantees you a space in all of the Biotech core courses in the second year of the program.