Kit Check-out


Once teachers are trained through a workshop, they are able to check out equipment, supplies and reagents to support the curriculum used in training. Kits include everything necessary for as many classes and lab groups a teacher might have at no cost to them. If available, teachers are also able to check out equipment to accomplish other lab kits they might purchase or to perform labs other outreach groups might offer. We specifically are working with Digital World Biology and Coastal Marine Biolabs to help support the equipment side of their DNA barcoding program and Bioinformatics. 


Schedule a Kit

Fill in the Schedule a Kit document with as much information you have available. We will fill in supplies and reagents based on the number of lab groups and numbers of classes you have.


Please fill out form and save to your documents. Email Adrienne Houck, and attach these documents with desired dates/month of kit check-out. We will then discuss and schedule based on availability.