Marcia Liaw

Marcia Liaw




Mon - Thurs  10:30 - 11:20 a.m.
Mon, Wed  12:30-1:20 p.m.

Phone:   206-546-4539
Office:   Room 1421

Distance Learning Information |Business Admin Program


My teaching career at Shoreline began in 1972.  I earned my degrees at Western Washington University and the University of Washington.


These are the classes I teach.  These courses are taught in the classroom (face-to-face) and online (distance learning):

  • BUSTC 101, Beginning Keyboarding     
  • BUSTC 102, Speed Keyboarding 1     
  • BUSTC 103, Speed Keyboarding 2
  • BUSTC 107, Computer 10-Key (Online only)
  • BUSTC 112, Filling (Online only)
  • BUSTC 128, Word 2013, Level 1    
  • BUSTC 129, Word 2013, Level 2    
  • BUSTC 135, Applied Word Processing (Online only)
  • BUSTC 160, PowerPoint, 2013     
  • BUSTC 185, Publisher, 2013 (Online only)   


In addition to online, these classes are offered in the Business Technology Center. The method of instruction is through small group lectures and one-on-one instruction. You have the flexibility to work in class or outside of class.


When you enroll in one of my classes, a Canvas account is created for you. You can log in on the first day of class at; follow the screen prompts. If you have any problems, please call the Distance Learning helpline at (206) 546-6966 and/or visit the Getting Started website for more information.