Computer Science


Following are course descriptions. Check the Annual Schedule to plan your schedule.


Introduction to Programming (5)

Use a computer language such as Python to learn programming, problem solving, analysis, modular design & debugging - concepts for all programming languages. No prior programming experience needed. Topics: syntax, classes, data types, control flow, loops, if, procedures, parameters, output & arrays. Prerequisite: MATH 099 (2.0 or better) or a score of 75 or higher on the Algebra COMPASS test. Student option grading.

Introduction to Computer Programming with Java (5)

Design, implement computer solutions using object oriented technology. CS I curriculum: data types, algorithms, abstraction, classes, methods, inheritance, exceptions, arrays, control structures, sorting and searching. Previously COMPU 142. Prerequisite: MATH& 141 or MATH 111 (min. 2.0) or instructor permission. Mandatory decimal grading.

Computer Science II Data Structures with Java (5)

Continuation of Level I Programming course emphasizing design, algorithms, abstraction, analysis, classes, data structures, dynamic memory management, file processing, standard libraries, & larger interactive solutions. CS II curriculum. Previously COMPU 143. Prerequisite: Successful completion of CS& 141 or instructor's permission. Student option grading.