Take Stock: Help yourself to success


During the fourth week of the quarter (a little sooner in summer) is a great time to check in to see how you are doing in class and, if needed, get some help.




Sometimes, life gets in the way of school. We've got some help for that, too:

  • Counseling Center
    Counselors offer personal, educational, career and crisis counseling, as well as consultation and referral services.
  • Women's Center
    The Center offers free services to those who feel they need additional support and advice and acts as a "clearninghouse" for on and off campus resources.
  • Multicultural Center
    Students meet to study and to socialize; they are able to utilize computers with Internet access, discuss academic and multicultural information and share multiple perspectives.

  • Money

    There are many sources of financial assistance: federal, state, local and sometimes private.

Start by checking your grades. Most instructors post grades online, but if not, go ask in class or during office hours. Or, check in with your advisor. Every student at Shoreline has an assigned advisor, really, look it up or call 206-546-4559.



First, it's free. Second, it's tailored to you.

  • Transfer: Your goal is a four-year university
  • Professional-Technical: You're program is aimed at employment now
  • ESL: Looking for the right word? An English-as-a-Second-Language tutor can help
  • Online: Shoreline partners with Western eTutoring Consortium for:
    • eChat: Live chat using whiteboard, share files & applications, as well as use audio & video tools.
    • eQuestions: online question submission with an archive of previously posted questions & answers.
    • eWriting: online writing lab with an archive of previously submitted papers and revisions
    • Resources: vast collection of tips, techniques and additional links 

It's well-equipped, comfortable, quiet plus has friendly staff to help you get what you need. This is a center of learning. Go there.


eLearning Support Services

Got an issue with Canvas? This is your resource for the technology in the classroom. Whether your class is fully online, hybrid or on campus, these folks can help.


Learning Support Centers

Shoreline has seven dedicated learning centers, including: