Work Experience Points

It is our goal to acknowledge your experience and commitment to the dental professions. Toward this goal, we award points based on work and volunteer experience in a dental office.

Note: one category resulting in the highest score will be used.

Work Experience Points
Full-time Dental Assistant (min 24 months) 15
Full-time Dental Assistant (min 18 months) 13
Full-time Dental Assistant/Ortho (min 12 months) 12
Full-time Dental Assistant/Ortho (min 6 months) 10
Full-time Sterilization (min 6 months) 8
Part-time* Dental Assistant/Ortho (min 6 months) 7
Part-time* Sterilization (min 3 months) 6
Dental Lab Technician (Full/Part-time* min 6 months) 6
Other Health Care Provider (Full/Part-time* min 3 months) 5
Non Health Care (Full/Part-time* min 3 months) 4
Volunteer/Dental Office/Clinic(Part-time* min 3 months) 2

*Part-time=min of 16 hours per week or 200 hours min in 3 months