English 102

Preliminary Bibliography: Ten Sources

The core of this assignment is quite simple:

Make a list of at least ten sources you have found so far that may be relevant to your research question. They do not all need to be scholarly, though I expect you to have some by now. The scholarly ones should be labeled (see below).

There are certain rules you must follow in order to complete the assignment successfully:

Besides the MLA formatting rules, I have some requirements of my own:


Grading Criteria

The paper will be scored on the following categories. Each will receive a score of 4, 3, 2, 1 or 0 (corresponding to the letter grades A – F). The total grade will be an average of those scores.

  1. Question is focused and unified
  2. Question leads to an arguable and descriptive thesis
  3. Sources are of the correct quantity and type (10 total, minimum 3 scholarly, reference works may be used but do not count toward the total, no textbooks without my approval)
  4. Sources are adequate and appropriate to topic
  5. Sources’ theses are correctly identified, in your own words
  6. Scholarly sources are correctly identified
  7. List is formatted according to MLA guidelines