English 102

Preliminary Bibliography: Ten Sources

The core of this assignment is quite simple:

Make a list of at least ten sources you have found so far that may be relevant to your research question. They do not all need to be scholarly, though I expect you to have some by now. The scholarly ones should be labeled (see below).

There are certain rules you must follow in order to complete the assignment successfully:

Besides the MLA formatting rules, I have some requirements of my own:


Grading Criteria

The paper will be scored on the following eight categories. Each will receive a score of 4, 3, 2, 1 or 0 (corresponding to the letter grades A Ė F). The total grade will be an average of those scores.

The research question

The sources

The summaries

The list should be formatted according to MLA guidelines, but Iím not going to grade on that because there are tools that will do it for you (e.g. Noodle Tools). If itís not correct, Iíll either note the mistakes (if there arenít too many) or make you do it over before I grade it (if there are a lot).

Grading alternative

Most of you are far enough along that you already have, or will soon have, at least ten sources. Thatís why Iíve included the summaries as part of this assignment. Doing the summaries now will leave you more time to read and critique the sources later, which is the core of the next assignment. However, if you are not quite ready to do that, I am offering an alternative. Hereís how it works:

You may choose not to include summaries in this assignment. You will still be required to identify the theses of all your sources. I will score all the other categories besides identifying the main points and explaining how the source answers the research question. Therefore all the other categories will be worth a little bit more.

If you prefer to use this option, please indicate your choice at the top of your paper.

Whichever option you choose, summaries will be a required element in our next assignment. Doing them now gives you a chance to get started early and revise for the next assignment if you find problems.