English 101 & 102

Email Forwarding

Many thanks to Aleksandr Romanenko for sharing these tips.

If you mainly use a non-Shoreline email account, these instructions show you how to have your Shoreline mail forwarded to that account. You can also set it up to send email from your non-Shoreline account, and make it look like it came from your Shoreline account. (That is the second list of instructions.)

I have not personally tested these instructions. Also, I am not a technical support staff person. Proceed at your own risk and your own comfort level with technical matters. If you need help, try your non-Shoreline provider. You can also try the Shoreline help line (206-546-5872; tss@shoreline.edu).


These are basic step by step instructions to sending and receiving e-mail through a Shoreline account by way of an alternative personal e-mail. The Instructions for sending e-mail from an alternative account are slightly more complicated and only necessary if you are interested in sending e-mails from the Shoreline e-mail address using your personal e-mail account. I hope this helps.

Receiving e-mail from your Shoreline account

  1. Log into shoreline e-mail (go.shoreline.edu accounts)
  2. Click Settings (located in the upper right hand corner next to your e-mail address)
  3. Select the Tab Labeled “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”
  4. Under the Heading “Forwarding” Click the bubble next to “Forward a copy of incoming mail to”
  5. Type in E-mail account that you prefer to Use. (IE: Hotmail account, G-mail account, AOL, etc...)
  6. Once you are done typing in your e-mail, Click “Save Changes” Located at the Bottom of your web browser window.

Sending e-mail with an alternative account

(Only necessary if you wish to e-mail someone from your personal e-mail account using a shoreline e-mail address.)

  1. Log into your Alternative e-mail account.
  2. Access your settings or options menu.
  3. G-mail: Under accounts tab, follow instructions for “add a mail account you own.”
    Hotmail: In Options Menu Click: “Send and recieve mail from other e-mail accounts” Follow instructions.
  4. Check Inbox, If you set up the forwarding properly, the e-mail that was sent during the previous step should be forwarded to your personal e-mail account.