Fee Information 2013-2014


PUB fee

In 2001, this fee was enacted to help fund construction costs of the new Pagoda Union Building (PUB). In 2010, students approved a $1 increase beginning fall quarter.



$4.40 per credit; maximum $52.80
per quarter

Sustainable Commuter Options fee

Approved by student election, this fee funds multiple services improvements to the campus such as increased bicycle rack access, parking improvements, and discounted ORCA cards.



$34.00 (flat fee)
per quarter

Student technology fee

Student government at the college collects a technology fee.


$4.40 per credit; maximum $44.00
per quarter


Other fees

The college assesses other fees that may not apply to all students.



After the 10th day of each quarter, a fee of $15 will be charged for each add/drop form processed.  Note that multiple classes may be added and dropped on a single form.



There is no "audit fee" or reduced tuition.  Students who audit a class will pay the standard tuition plus any regularly associated fees.


Credit by Examination (Challenge)

Per credit hour: $10.  Contact the appropriate instructional division office for more information.


Parking Fees

Parking permits are $25 (plus sales tax) per quarter and available at the Cashier's Office in the 5200 (FOSS) Building and in the bookstore in 9000.  For more detail see Permit and Parking Instructions.


Senior Citizens (60 or Over)

Tuition is waived for up to two regular college credit classes on a space-available basis for audit only.  There is a $5 fee for this service. Senior citizens must pay all applicable college and class fees.


Special Course Fees

Some classes require special fees for equipment, laboratory use, materials or personal instruction. If a class requires a special fee, it will be listed in the quarterly class schedule. Also, some programs require a special selection process fee.



An official transcript of academic achievement at Shoreline is available for a fee of $5 per copy.  Visit the Official Transcripts page for more information.