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Transfer Student Tutoring


This program provides free, professional tutorial assistance to students in academic courses required to transfer to a four-year university or college. Students seeking fundamental English tutoring are also eligible for free services. Funding for this program is administered by the student government.


Professional/Technical Student Tutoring

This program provides free, professional tutorial assistance to students in professional/technical programs. The program helps students succeed in the campus environment and make the transition from school to work. This program is funded through the federal Carl Perkins Grant program.



Free online tutoring is available through the college's partnership in the Western eTutoring Consortium (WeTC). As of January, 2013, WeTC consists of 43 colleges and universities in six western states. Students can interact with tutors in a live online chatroom, submit eQuestions and submit papers to the online writing lab and expect a response within 48 hours.


Apply for Tutor Assistance

Applications are available using the links in the box on the right side of this page and at the tutoring offices located in rooms 4206 in the library building on campus. All students are required to submit a completed application with a copy of their current quarter schedule. Students must also read, sign and submit the student contract included with the application.

Students in ESL Levels 1-6 should complete the ESL Student Application for tutorial assistance and submit it with your instructor's signature and signed contract. Students who are in ESL Levels 6-8 can directly submit a completed Transfer Student Tutoring application with signed contract to the Transfer Student tutoring office in room 4206.


Tutors are granted to students based on a first come, first served basis. Please read our priority system below for more details.


Tutor Priority System


Tutoring Services does its best to locate a tutor for each student that has applied.  Unfortunately, there will be times that a tutor cannot be found based on availability of tutors for certain subjects.

  1. Students will be assigned a tutor on a first-come, first-served basis on the date a tutoring application was submitted.
  2. If, after a student is matched via email with a tutor, the student does not respond to the tutor within seven days of the match being made, the tutoring office will cancel the assignment and the student will be removed from the list.
    1. The student will be taken off of the active list for students looking for a tutor.
    2. If after the assignment has been cancelled the student still wants a tutor, he/she needs to contact Tutoring Services so the office can make him/her active again.  The student’s priority will be the date that he/she contacts Tutoring Services to be reactivated.
  3. If a student misses two tutoring sessions without 24 hour notice, the assignment will be cancelled and the tutor will be reassigned. 
    1. The student will be removed from the active list for students looking for a tutor.
    2. If the student still wants tutoring, he/she must schedule a meeting with Lindsay Cael, Manager of Tutoring Services at lcael@shoreline.edu or 206.546.7852 to reapply for tutoring that quarter.
  4. If the tutor and student cannot find a schedule that works for both of them, the student and tutor need to contact Tutoring Services.
    1. The match will be canceled and both tutor and student will be reassigned.
    2. The student will maintain the same priority based on the initial date his/her application was submitted.
  5. Any students interested in a Biology or Chemistry tutor are asked to try out the Biology Chemistry Learning Center (Room 2717) first for drop-in help.  If after 3 or more visits, a student thinks a one-on-one tutor would be better, the student should then come and apply in Tutoring Services.

Tutoring Services will send out tutor/student matches for students registered with OSS on the first day of the quarter.  All other tutor/student matches will start getting sent starting in Week 2 of the quarter.


Work as a Tutor

Students who achieve a degree of subject matter competency may be able to work as a tutor, assisting other students. The application is available using the link in the box on the right side of this page and at the tutoring offices located in rooms 4206 in the library building on campus. Applications to work as a tutor should be submitted with an unofficial transcriptThis is a great opportunity to gain work experience, work with your peers, and keep your knowledge fresh.  We require a minimum of a 3.5 GPA in the subject, a strong faculty recommendation, or a detailed resume to be considered for tutoring.  Please contact Tutoring Services for more details.  We hope you strongly consider this opportunity.  



Q: Who is eligible to receive tutoring?

A: Any student enrolled at Shoreline Community College in a credit-bearing and/or gradable course is eligible to receive tutoring.


Q: Do I pay for tutoring services?

A: There is no charge for tutoring services. Funding is provided through student fees administered by the Shoreline Community College's student government for transfer students and by the Carl D Perkins Grant for professional-technical students.


Q: What happens after I submit my application?

A: Once you have submitted an application with a copy of your current quarter schedule and a signed student contract, the tutoring office will assign a tutor. You will be given your tutor's name and contact information. To initiate the tutoring service, you contact your tutor and arrange a convenient time to get together based on your schedule and your tutor's schedule within seven days of the tutoring office making the match.


Q: How much time will my tutor be able to spend with me?

A: You will be assigned two hours per week for tutoring in any particular subject.


Q: What should I expect from my tutor?

A: Tutors are not teachers and they will not do your homework for you. Your tutor is available to provide guidance and assist with understanding concepts and assignments.


Q: What will my tutor expect from me?

A: Your responsibilities are to sign the tutor's timesheet record each time you are tutored and to be prepared for the session by having questions ready.


Q: How do I apply for a position as a tutor?

A: Tutors must have completed at least two quarters at Shoreline Community College and have a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average in the subject they wish to tutor. However, with a strong faculty recommendation, the Tutoring Services Manager can make an exception to this rule. Download and submit the New Tutor Application form along with an unofficial transcript to the manager of tutoring services in 4208 of the Library building or at lcael@shoreline.edu.