Shoreline Community College campus





Success has many ingredients. Whether you want to become a technician, lawyer, chief executive officer, or even an astronaut, you'll find all the ingredients you need at Shoreline Community College. Check out some impressive facts about community college and famous graduates.


Get help with degree requirements, transfer, class selection and more. 


Learning Support Centers

--Biology & Chemistry --ESL & GED --Tutoring
--Business & Computer Software --Math --Veterans
--Disability Services --Physics & Engineering --Writing & Learning


With nearly 50 clubs, covering gaming, hip hop, neuroscience and more, there is something for everyone! Join clubs to make friends, blow off steam or delve deeper in a new culture or academic area of interest. It's up to you!


Counseling Services

Don't get overwhelmed with the challenges of life; get to the Advising & Counseling Center instead!


Global Affairs Center
By hosting international guest lecturers, reading groups and other initiatives, the Center's goal is to inform, identify connections, and inspire engagement.


Honors Program

For those passionate about their favorite subject, the Honors Program can increase your chances of qualifying for scholarships and getting admitted to selective universities. 


Women's Center

The Women's Center offers free services to those who feel they need additional support and advice in making the transition into higher education.


Workforce Education - Support for Professional/Technical Students

Our primary purpose is to use our considerable resources and experience to help you get the retraining that you need and find family wage employment in the region.


Library (Library Technology Center)
Well equipped with comfortable spaces; print, electronic and technological resources; plus friendly staff to help
you navigate all of the above!


Money for You

Find financial assistance from a variety of sources.


Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center offers lectures, workshops and special events designed for staff and community members to enhance their multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills.


Study Abroad

Discover something new about yourself and your place in the world. In some cases financial assistance is also available.