The Great Shake Out

The Great Shake Out

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10/17 at 10:17 a.m.

At that time tomorrow, Shoreline Community College will join more than 760,000 participants statewide for an earthquake drill. The drill should last at least 1 minute to practice “Drop, Cover, and Hold on!” in our classrooms, offices, or work sites. Your participation is strongly encouraged to promote awareness of what to do in the event of a large earthquake, and what might happen immediately afterward.  

Please attempt to get under a desk, away from windows and swinging doors – and drop down to protect and cover your head and neck (think fetal position). There will be no alarms on campus to signal this drill because fire alarms by city code are used to evacuate the building. We don’t want to practice evacuating or locking down for this drill.  

Shoreline is directly in line with the Whidbey Island Fault, an active fault line that is capable of generating earthquakes larger than magnitude 7. It represents a potential seismic hazard to residents of the Puget Lowland – Us!  We need to be more aware of its potential and prepare ourselves at campus and at home. Everyone needs to know to Drop, Cover, and Hold on. Do NOT Run outside a building in the event of an earthquake. If you are outside, stay away from trees and poles, taking cover is possible.

Consider setting a cell phone alarm as a reminder for 10:17 a.m. to practice “Drop, Cover and Hold on!”  If you have signed up for emergency text messaging, you should receive a text on or about that time.  Your participation for just 1 minute on Thursday can save lives – Let’s Practice!  THANK YOU ALL!  

Robin Blacksmith
Director of Safety & Security
Shoreline Community College
206-546-4503 (Direct)
206-546-4633 (Office)