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June-August 2004

We loved Antigua so much we rented an apartment for 3 months.  Our plan was that Betsey would teach online from an internet cafe, Luc would go to language school a few hours a day, and George would get Soul Catcher hauled, scraped and painted.

Our apartment is on a main street into town, and this is a common photo taken of Antigua.  Our apartment is on the right, just past where the cars are parked.

Antigua2 011.jpg (179266 bytes)
George in the Kitchen This is our very comfortable kitchen, which doubles as our living room. We have a propane stove, a microwave, a fridge, a water cooler, and cold running water for washing. It looks like a tipico (traditional) Guatemalan lunch:  refritos, queso, quesadillas.
This is the living room, pressed into service as Luc's room.  His bed is in the right of the photo Luc's Room
Senora Thelma's courtyard Looking down into the courtyard from the terrazzo.  This garden is landlady Senora Thelma's pride and joy.  
Looking toward Senora Thelma's courtyard garden from the street gate. The door you see on the far left is our living room (actually Luc's room).  The downstairs window is Senora Thelma's living room.  The upstairs window is where Kate from Canada lives. Our bedroom is upstairs at the far left, outside the photo. The courtyard from the parking strip
Unfiled Photos 046.jpg (156491 bytes) This apartment is typically Guatemalan , with some part of the living space outside, in this case the stairway.  This photo shows the entrance door at the left, the window to the Bakery (!) next door, the back room (and the toilet) of the bakery, all open to the outside.  What luck to live next door to the bakery!  In the mornings George would go just out the door to the bakery and buy our fresh bread (and fresh eggs) for the day.
From this vantage point you can see our laundry area and the door into the kitchen. The bit at the bottom right is the back room of the bakery which vents to the outside stairwell. 

Our bedroom is up the stairs and to the right.  The terrazzo is up the stairs and to the left

Unfiled Photos 048.jpg (169222 bytes)
Unfiled Photos 041.jpg (233629 bytes) Here is the terrazzo looking toward our neighbor Kate's room. Our bedroom is to the left.
(oops, I can't find that bedroom photo anywhere...) Put a bedroom photo here
This is our shower head, a very common arrangement in Central America.  The water gets heated as it comes out of the pipe.  We never heard of anyone getting electrocuted, but most Gringos worry about it. We got over it  ;-) Unfiled Photos 038.jpg (129207 bytes)
Unfiled Photos 045.jpg (217715 bytes) This is a photo taken from our bed.  I only had to move over a bit to see Volcan Agua in the morning light.
Looking north toward the surrounding hills from the terrazzo
Looking south toward Volcan Agua from the terrazzo
The orange groves from the terrazzo
Looking west over the rooftops from the terrazzo

Looking south toward the ruins of Iglesia Conception with Fuego and Acatenango in the background

The view from the terrazzo was especially spectacular during the afternoon rainstorms 
Our landlady, Senora Thelma, watering flowers on the upstairs terrazzo. We came to value her friendship and her support as much as her lovely gardens. Unfiled Photos 001.jpg (180536 bytes)
Sarita 006.jpg (129196 bytes) Lucas, with Sarita and Alec, the beautiful grandchildren of Senora Thelma.  Sarita adored Lucas, and plopped herself in his space whenever he opened his door.
Lucas learned to simply listen to 5 year old Sarita as she chattered in Spanish at him in her play.  She didn't really need any response from him, just his attention. Eventually he even came to understand her. Sarita 011.jpg (147377 bytes)
Sarita 002.jpg (146904 bytes) I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful child than Sarita.  I had to keep from staring at her, and I tried hard not to take countless pictures of her.  But she is a natural, and loves posing for the camera.  Note especially her eyelashes.


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