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January 2004
We took Joe and Kathryn to Isla Isabella, a bird sanctuary off the coast of Mexico just south of Mazatlan.  We came into the anchorage just before heavy weather, and spent a very scary night on anchor watch, off a lee shore and looking for a rock reported to be just under Soul Catcher's keel. We never found the rock, and our Bullwaga anchor is proving itself to be very reliable.

We climbed the top of this cliff to photograph the Boobies. 

Soul Catcher is anchored just to the right of this photo, hence the scary night anchor watch. From the top of the cliff, Soul Catcher looks very safe, but from the boat, the cliff looked much too close.

Isla Isabella
Brown Booby Here we are at the top of the cliff, up close and personal with a Brown Booby.  See its  lime green feet?  See Soul Catcher in the background? 
Joe and Luc being buds; see the Magnificent Frigate Birds behind them?


Luc and Joe
Gulls and pelicans Pelicans and Hiermans Gulls (I better check this spelling)  The Hierman Gulls have those dramatic bright orange beaks. 
All of the bird  photographs were taken without zooms.  The birds had no fear of us, and mostly ignored us.

There is no more beautiful bird than this Blue-footed Booby. You have to stare at their blue feet for a long time.  I mean, we knew they would be blue, but they are REALLY blue.


Blue-footed Booby
Beautiful Booby

Here's another look.  Notice the exquisite pattern of feathers on her head and neck.

This Frigate Bird is still a baby, its head is still white. Adolescent Frigate Bird
Amorous Frigate Bird An amorous Magnificent Frigate Bird.  Just this close, no kidding.  They were an arm's length away.
This mama Brown Booby is sitting on a chick Brown Booby and Chick
A Blue and a Brown A full grown Blue foot and a Brown juvenile; look at the blue eyes of the juvenile
This male magnificent frigate bird is tending his hatchling. Magnificent Frigate Bird
Tortuga Rock at Isla Isabella We could have stayed a month, but Joe and Kathryn had to go home.  So we left Isla Isabella, hoping to return next year.  This is Tortuga Rock just off Isla Isabella.  The closer you get to it, the more it looks like a Turtle.


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