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May 2004 (and again in September 2004)

Barillas is a beautiful place, calm, serene, manicured, well-tended, and Luc says maybe a little bit...boring. Barillas fleet from the clubhouse
dBetsey working, really Each of these palapas has power and internet access.  Also a waitress to bring  a cold drink, which is critical, because it is hotter than you can ever imagine.  Also, there's a mosquito coil burning under my feet; the mosquitoes and no-see-ems are life-threatening.
I prepared my two summer online classes right here at this palapa by the river side, with geckos and jackdaws for company. Preparing online classes
Nicaragua 001.jpg (173228 bytes) This is Blood Sport in Barillas. The Boyz are hunting mosquitoes, a favorite after-dinner activity.
The handsome skipper, a little wide-eyed at a huge spark of lightening, and the KA BOOM of thunder less than a second later...

Barillas thunderstorms were quite spectacular, and always made us wide-eyed.


Nicaragua 002.jpg (159466 bytes)
Nicaragua 003.jpg (112497 bytes) Leaving Barillas at sunup, following Luis in the panga for 2 hours to the mouth of the river.


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