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March 2004

Dolphins! Can you see the dolphins just at the bow?  Dolphins are a common occurrence among cruisers, and we never get tired of them. But we never get photos! I can't believe I actually got a photo!
This is a beautiful place, blue-green-turquoise water, white sand beaches, kids playing in the surf, pangas dotting the beach, palapas ringing the shore, lots of mackerel, yellow fin, dolphins, etc.  The water is clear and clean enough so we can swim to shore.  A Mexican fantasy, no gringos in sight (except us of course)   Caleta de Campo
Caleta Sunset

I was so happy last night.  The air was soft and warm against my bare shoulders.  The bioluminescence in the water showed streaks of fish life.  The stars were brilliant; the sky was black, except where the milky way splashed across.  What a beautiful life.  

We only stopped for a day to rest but the anchorage was everything we had been looking for, quiet, beautiful, serene.

So we stayed 5 days

Here are our pet fish.  They hung around the cruising boats in the hundreds and thousands. 

Luc, do you remember what our little pets were called?

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