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April 2004

We can't resist sunset-at-sea photos.  We have dozens of these, all different, all spectacular. Sunset over Puerto Angel
A derelict We first anchored in the (bay where the cruise ships are? I promise I'll look this up) We found this beached sailboat, very disconcerting. But the water was wonderfully blue.
Can you believe no one took a picture of this?

As soon as we get a photo of Susie, John and Cabaret, we'll put it here.

As soon as we get a photo of Banana Boats, we'll put it here


Betsey:  We spent some time with Susie and John on Cabaret. One evening, while we were having drinks aboard Cabaret, the banana boat guys came by to bum  cigarettes from Susie.  They invited us for a ride around the bay.  Suzie, screaming, "don't get me wet", jumped in the water.  Not to be outdone, Betsey jumped in after her.  We both crawled on the banana boats, and roared off across the bay.  Of course the guys immediately tried to dump the white women in the water.  Susie screamed the whole time, "don't get me wet!"

I really love Susie,  she brings me out of myself.

Sera joined us in (bay where the cruise ships are? Sera, do you remember the name of this bay?) Sera
Marina Chahue Eventually most of us moved to Marina Chahue to get water, fuel, provisions, etc. for crossing the Tehuantepec. George is still fussing over a pesky transmission leak, which Vic from Sera is investigating.
Lynn and Pat from Cricket were just coming north from Central America and were able to give us lots of information. Here we all are in a meeting to discuss (what else?) crossing the Tehuantepec Tehuantepec Meeting

Vic from Sera and Bill from Odessa

Vic from Sera and Bill from Odessa talking about crossing the Tehuantepec (well, maybe they are talking about diesel engines ,-)
Dick and Pat from Crusader listening carefully to a conversation about crossing the Tehuantepec Dick and Pat from Crusader
Cruiser Meeting From left to right, Ken from In The Mood, Jeri from Cloud Nine, Frank and Jenny from Sea Kardinal, Pat from Cricket, Vic from Sera, Luc and George from Soul Catcher.  Guess what we are talking about...
Dick from Crusader enjoying a break from boat chores at Marina Chahue while waiting for a weather window to cross the Tehuantepec. Does this man look like a retired college president to you?
Dick, Pat, Betsey, Lucas Here we are, having a party on the dock.  The party hats are courtesy of Pat from Crusader 

Dick and Pat, Luc and Betsey are here at the moment.  George is taking the pictures.  Others are on their way :-) 

Weve been in Marina Chahue 5 days now.  It is fun because everyone is here and we can socialize.  Its a drag because there is nothing to do but socialize and wait for a weather window.   A dock party
Sharon will tell me if she hates this photo Under normal circumstances, I would never use this photo.  I just can't resist it.  I think maybe Sharon from In the Mood is tired of talking about crossing the Tehuantepec.

I should send this photo to Sharon and give her veto power.

I get tired of talking about the Dreaded Tehuantepec.  I want to just go, and get it over with.  The transmission is fixed, the flags are made.  We just need to provision, top off the water tanks and check out. We have a five-day weather window. Were leaving Thursday for Central America.   Leaving Huatulco
Puerto Angel George:  Betsey is a little overboard here.  The Gulf of Tehuantepec is a serious piece of water.  Let me tell you why it is such a big deal:  The Gulf of Tehuantepec is subject to very high winds blowing out of the north when high pressure in the Caribbean funnels the wind through the lowest part of  Central America. When it blows, it usually is at gale force and it causes huge, steep seas up to three hundred miles out. Its no place to be  when it blows so cruisers are really careful about transiting this area.


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