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January 2004

Soul Catcher in Chacala From Isla Isabella we sailed south to Chacala, where it was finally warm enough to swim from the boat. This is our favorite photo of Soul Catcher, taken in Chacala
This sunset in Chacala was totally astonishing.  It went on for 45 minutes, and we just watched and took photos as the colors changed. We finally felt we had left the cold weather behind, as the air was soft and warm, even at sunset. Chacala Sunset
Chacala Ninas Chacala is a resort town, visited mainly by  local folks, not too many gringos.  We were enchanted by the little girls in the surf.  And we were anchored so close to shore that several times groups of young people swam out to visit us.

mexico trip 013.jpg (54481 bytes)AND THEN, some excitement!

We had left Chacala for Banderas Bay on our way to Puerta Vallarta, and  were motoring along in a flat calm.  Joe was fishing e saw a bunch of floating pop bottles in the water.  As we looked at these bottles, we saw they were attached to a long yellow polypropylene line like the ones fisher guys use.  It turned out to be a Long-line (polypro line with lines and fish hooks tied on at regular intervals)  As we looked at it stretching off in the distance, we worried about the line tangling with our engine propeller (very bad, very dangerous). 

mexico trip 014.jpg (28284 bytes)Then we saw the huge sea turtle caught on a hook at the end of the line. 
So we hauled in the fishing lines.  Joe and Luc hung themselves off the bow (front) of the boat with boat hooks and sharp knives, Kathryn and I guided George to keep the yellow polypro line away from our prop and at the same time close to the sea turtle.  The turtle dove once to get away from us, so we had to go around again to get closer.  Then Joe hooked the line, and Luc cut it close to the fish hook imbedded in the turtle's flipper. 
We hope the hook will rust off and the turtle will live a long and healthy life.  We weren't able to save the dorado or the enormous sailfish also tangled in the long-line, but we did harvest as much of the line as we could get out of the water safely.
Then off we went to Puerto Vallarta, hearts still pounding...

The two amigos, Joe and George, in a shop in Puerto Vallarta.

2 wild and crazy guys
Star Wars at PV On the malecon at Puerto Vallarta, there are these sculptures that are right out of Star Wars, but more...eerie and strange and beautiful.

George going for the high shot

Eerie and beautiful This photo sort of captures the quality of strangeness...
Friends laughing and goofing together Goofin'
Luc, Kathryn, Joe and George We had a wonderful last day with Joe and Kathryn, wandering around Puerto Vallarta, shopping and hanging out.
The beach at Paradise Village.  There were volley ball games, and peacocks walking the sand, and a good time was had by all. The Beach at Paradise Village


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