El Salvador


Costa Rica


October 2004

This is the ocean side of Puesta del Sol, with the new Beach Club palapa.  The swell and the breakers looked and felt quite formidable, but it was a very straightforward entrance. The breakers at Puesta del Sol.jpg (143948 bytes)
Puesta del Sol.jpg (154416 bytes) Here is the river side, with the Marina, the hotel, and the riverside palapa. 
This lovely creature is Rosalia, aka Blondie, who has come from Sera to visit us on Soul Catcher.  We're not sure her mommy Linda knows she has jumped ship. Rosalia.jpg (134718 bytes)
Nicaragua 078.jpg (128312 bytes) Luc:  My parents were taking a walk to the beach w/ the folks from Sera, when the afternoon lightning storm rolled through. The wind was howling and rain was so heavy that it was painful to go outside. The lightning was coming down so close that I could feel the thunder

The next day, George agreed to go up Shayna's mast to install an emergency antenna. I managed the halyard attached to dad's climbing harness while he shimmied on up the mast.

Note the lightening deflector (brushy gadget at the top of the mast), which came through without even a burn mark. George looks like he's enjoying himself, yes? Also note that storm that's brewing, while George is at the top of the tallest mast in the marina.  We hope he comes down before it hits (about thirty minutes from now)

Postscript: All the boats around Shayna (Libra, Sera, and Soul Catcher), who thought they had been so lucky to escape a direct hit, experienced gear failures over the days and weeks after the lightening strike.  

Nicaragua 077.jpg (96383 bytes)
Nicaragua 088.jpg (120797 bytes) The storms are so huge and intimidating, we have to keep taking photos of them.  They come on, from patchy clouds to full storm, in the space of about 30 minutes.  This one is coming our way, you can see the rain falling in the left of the photo.  The whole storm lasts about 45 minutes, full of scary lightening and ear-shattering thunder,  a fire hose of rain, and cold winds.  Then it blows out, the heat and humidity go immediately back up to suffocating, and its all over. Nothing at all like Seattle rain.
Betsey:  My favorite moment in Nicaragua was the night I was in the marina pool during a stupendous lightening storm. The electricity went out all over the marina, so it was just the lightening and the thunder and the rain.  The lightening was so bright my eyes closed involuntarily against the glare.  The rain hit the pool so that the drops bounced up 3 or 4 inches from the surface. The pool was warm from the day's sun, but the raindrops were icy-cold and stinging, and I could feel the thunder through the water as well as hear it:   a total sensory experience.  Nicaragua 085.jpg (96989 bytes)
Nicaragua 086.jpg (103771 bytes) Here's a photo we like:  Our tattered and patched American flag and the storm brewing in the background...


We're going on a Road Trip!

"The bus comes at 8:00 am. We go to El Viejo, then Chinandega, then Managua, then Masaya, then Granada"

Nicaragua 029.jpg (224272 bytes)
The boys at the bus stop.jpg (219153 bytes) We were at the bus stop, on our way to Granada, when we attracted the attention of these bewitching boys...
Oops, a few more have arrived.   Nicaragua 030.jpg (181260 bytes)
Nicaragua 027.jpg (259964 bytes) The boys said, "take her picture, take her picture"  She was so shy she just ducked her head and kept walking.





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