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Leaving Home


Now by Jeanne Waters

Leaving Seattle at dawn






Now you are going
Now we move
     in slow motion
     everyone a movie

Now the wind whips
     at your clothes

Now there is no smile 
     like your own

Now your friends
     crowd around you

Now we embrace you

Now the morning is 
     brighter with each
     sprinkle on the water

Now there are tears


Now there is laughter
     we give last minute gifts
     and bunches of flowers
     blue, violet, purple

Now we use words
     we wish you good weather

Now you say goodbye
     your family is waiting
     the world is waiting

Now you are turning
     you hold your head high
     you hold up the sky

Now I am certain you are
     leaving for a long time

Now the wind whips my heart
Now blossoms are bursting
Now heart-shaped blossoms
     burst from my heart.




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