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Half Moon Bay

October 2003
This was an amazing sight.  The fog came rolling out of the Sausalito hills, just as you see it. And then it stayed right there, just like that. Sausalito Fog
George's heartthrob When we saw Orion anchored in Richardson Bay, in Sausalito, George fell in love.  We called this photo 'George's next boat'. Then we met Bill and Mary in Barillas, El Salvador and got the grand tour.  Now we really love their boat.
We met Boya and Mai from Sowelu, our first cruising couple. They have a Maple Leaf 42, similar to ours.  They came to Soul Catcher for dinner. 

Boya is Czechoslovakian, a geologic engineer.  Mai is Vietnamese.  She is totally amazing, met Boya two years ago, and agreed to sail around the world with him.  Theyíre both from Calgary, but moved aboard Sowelu in Vancouver.




Maiís only previous sailing experience was in 1980 when she was 17years old. She escaped from Vietnam with her family (24 people).  I saw a picture of the boat her father bought to smuggle his eight or nine children out of Vietnam (Maiís mother died when she was a toddler) Iím amazed that it floated at all.  They were rescued by a freighter.  And now she's on a boat again, sailing around the world.  Astonishing.  I think she is very brave.  



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