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April-May 2004

We left Marina Chahue on Thursday, April 29, 2004.  We picked our weather window, which called for about 5 days of settled weather, and off we went in a huge caravan of boats.  The fast boats pulled ahead quickly.  Some ran into trouble as they caught up with not-quite-finished Tehuantepec winds.  Others had gear failures and had to ask for help.

We stayed pretty close to our friends Sera (dark hull) and In The Mood (white hull)

Sera and In The Mood in the T-Pec
Ken in the Dinghy, loading fuel cans It turned out that In The Mood misjudged the amount of fuel it had, and was in danger of running out of diesel in the middle of the Tehuantepec.  As you can see, here we are in the middle of perhaps the most dangerous piece of water short of Cape Horn, and it is flat calm, blue skies, barely a breath of wind.  It's a lucky thing, because Ken from In The Mood is in his dinghy, rowing to Sera to pick up diesel in five-gallon jugs.
Here is Sera, motoring directly up to Soul Catcher's stern to drop off empty jerry jugs so that we can fill them for In The Mood. Linda is at Sera's bow,  tossing empty jerry cans into our dinghy, while Vic is at the helm, driving Sera into our behind, to put it delicately.

You understand, we are in the middle of the Tehuantepec, the piece of water we have been obsessing about for weeks, maybe months, the place where hurricanes are born.

Sera nosing up close and personal
Ken dropping by for diesel Here is Ken, from In The Mood, rowing his dinghy to Soul Catcher  to pick up jerry cans of diesel.
Here we are on Soul Catcher, Betsey at the helm, the Boys helping to pick up and drop off fuel cans.  Everyone is having a great time.  We threatened to raft up and eat lunch.  It was so funny to be goofing after we had worried so long about this very dangerous Gulf of Tehuantepec, where hurricanes are born. Goofin' in the Tehuantepec
George raising the El Salvador flag And once we were safely across, George raised the El Salvadoran flag Betsey made.  The flag is pretty nice, but the skipper is a real beauty.


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