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Math 098:  Exams


There will be two in-class exams and a comprehensive final exam this quarter.  If you miss either of the two in-class exams and do not make arrangements with me before the exam takes place, you will receive a zero for that exam. Failure to take the final exam will result in a course grade of 0.0.  You must take the final exam at your scheduled date and time unless you have instructor permission to do otherwise.  Note:  All electronic devices, including those that send or receive signals, must be turned off and put away during all exams unless there are explicit instructions to the contrary. 


Exam 1  Tuesday, October 13

Review for Exam 1

Exam 1a

Exam 1b

Exam 2  Tuesday, November 10

Review for Exam 2

Exam 2a

Exam 2b

Final Exam

 M098-S5 (10:30a class)

 Thursday, December 10, 9:30a-11:20a


 M098-S6 (11:30a class)

 Tuesday, December 8, 11:30a - 1:20p

Review for the Final

Practice Problems for the Final



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