Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

PE 280 CPR Syllabus: Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation for the Professional Rescuer/Healthcare Provider


Course Description

Class to meet at 8 a.m. Saturday April 26, 2014.

CPR for the Professional Rescuer or the Healthcare Provider.   This course includes instruction on 2 person CPR, Adult, Infant and Child CPR, pocket mask and bag valve mask and- automatic external defibrillator instruction.


General Information

Professor/Life Coach: Louise Lindenmeyer

Phone: 206-546-4747; cell 206-271-9722
Office: 3024 D

Hours: T and Th  9 - 9:20 and 12:20- 12:45


Practice tests:  You may redo each until you get 100%.   Then do the online test with   for the final test  (see details below).  Bring your completed certification to class.  Get envelop from the bookstore (HCP CPR) and bring it to class addressed with a stamp to yourself if you want a card.

Office hours:  See my homepage

Holidays: Not applicable to this class.


Required before you come to class:  Go to the website for the American Heart Association  and take Part I of the BLS HCP class on this site. Your cost will be approximately $28 payable by credit card. Bring in a certificate of completion to class showing you have completed this work. This will prepare you for the class skills. The repetition in class will assist learning. Complete the  assignments (bio, 2 papers, test) and bring to class. Take the pre-tests.    In class you will practice skills with others, as well as watch and practice all skills with instruction, and then demonstrate excellence of all skills.  All students must be present at start of class.


Optional Text:

  • American Heart Association  (AHA) CPR for the Healthcare Provider - Latest edition
  • For the BLS CARD purchase an envelope from the bookstore for the BLS for the Healthcare Provider Card ($4.50)

Required Supplies: Bring a Pocket Mask with you to the first class! (Bookstore) We will also have some to use in class if you do not have your own.


Optional Manikin for Purchase Available: CPR Anytime for Friends and Family Kit (includes your own child and adult manikin and  DVD). Great idea for use with family and friends. A baby manikin is also available in the bookstore (great baby shower gift!).



The points for this class will be as follows:
100 points = exams (% correct)
200 skills exam = in class
100 points = assignments (2 papers if receiving a grade, 0 if Pass)
400 =Total points
15 points of extra credit are possible for any additional relevant work.
A 4.00 is 400 points.  A 3.0 is 300 points.

You may take this course for a decimal grade or for a P/Z Option. College Catalog has details. You will need a 2.0 for a Pass. The decimal system will be based on a percentage of total of 400 possible points. To receive your card, you must pass the written exam (taken on  by 84% for the Healthcare Provider Card from the American Heart Association.



  • Please post (optional) a bio of yourself on the discussion board.  Bring in a hardcopy to class for me.
  • Research Paper describing your personal risks for cardiovascular disease and stroke. It must be word processed and include your personal plan to prevent heart disease and stroke. Please include 2 references. (50 points) Due date - first class if possible, otherwise post on the Discussion Board within one week. Paper is 1-2 pages.
  • Complete a list of injury prevention strategies for infants and children. Utilize references. (50 points) Due date - first class if possible, otherwise please post on the Discussion Board within one week.
  • Complete all skill check off lists given to you in class. Perform skills perfectly.  (200 points)
  • Perform and demonstrate skills to other class members.
  • Memorize all skills for performance.
  • Teach and correct your group members or other class members when performing scenarios and skills.
  • Take appropriate tests. This is worth (100 points) and is a percentage score of all tests. Health Care Provider CPR test - must pass  by 84% for the Healthcare Provider card.


At the end of the BLS for the Healthcare Providers Course you will be able to:


Cognitive Objectives

  1. Describe the steps of CPR
    When to start CPR
    When to give breaths, including with barrier devices
    When to check for a pulse
    How to give compressions at the proper depth and rate and with complete chest recoil
    When to use an AED
  2. Describe the signs and actions for severe airway obstruction in the responsive and unresponsive victim
  3. Describe the links in the Chain of Survival, including the importance of:
    Activating the appropriate emergency response system
    Performing CPR
    Providing early defibrillation
    Ensuring the arrival of early advanced care by activating the appropriate emergency response  system
  4. Describe the signs of 4 common life-threatening emergencies in adults
    Cardiac Arrest
    Heart Attack

Psychomotor Objectives

  1. Activating an emergency response system
  2. Giving Breaths for adult, child, and infant victims using mouth-to-mouth ventilation, mouth-to-mask ventilation, bag-mask ventilation
  3. Giving compressions for adult, child, and infant victims
    Pushing hard and fast, Allowing full chest recoil, Minimizing interruptions in compressions
  4. Performing 1- and 2-rescuer CPR for adult, child, and infant victims
  5. Using an AED for victims greater or equal to 1 year of age
  6. Relieving choking in the responsive and unresponsive victim of any age


General Policies

Cheating and plagiarism (using any unauthorized work) or other dishonest activity will be automatic 0.0 for the work or the class and will not be tolerated.  This includes copying or using someone else's work, as cheating is not allowed on tests, homework, or any other assignments (SCC Policy 5030).  All assignments are considered individual assignments unless specifically identified as group work.


Student Conduct  Any behavior that disrupts the educational process will not be tolerated.  You will be asked to leave the class if your conduct prevents others from learning in a college-level learning environment (SCC Policy 5030).  You will not get any credit for the class if you are asked to leave because of disruptive behavior.  If you are disturbed by another student let me know and the student will be notified. All students must show up on time prepared.  This is a 1 day class only.


We will be performing the skills to the standard of excellence. The results you receive in this class are dependent on your individual dedication to your performance of the skills required.  You need to have the skills in your memory, able to be performed sub-consciously.  Repetition, practice, and visualization will help.  Remember; perform the CPR skills as though you will be doing them on one of your family members some day.  Cardiovascular Disease is the number one killer of Americans over the age of 44!


You can injure yourself by doing CPR. Please know your risks and stop before getting injured.   We can adapt skills for you.   Never perform CPR Skills on another person, utilize the manikins provided.


American Heart Association CPR for the Healthcare Provider Card is optional. You can purchase the corresponding book (not required if you do test).  Do purchase the envelop for the card if you want the card only, for $4.50 in the bookstore.   Bring envelop to class with your name and address on it - if you desire this card.


I am looking forward to each of you becoming a successful professional rescuer!  Louise


The following information is subject to change.  Current info will be posted on blackboard or by talking to Louise.