Differential Equations - Math 207

Homework Assignments


Homework Policy:  See below.


HW #10 - Never Officially Due, but practice these for the final


HW #9 - Due Wednesday 6/1   (Revised: 5/27 - Section 5.4 is cut!  Sorry for not announcing this in class!  Also, note that on the additional problem it should say F0cos(gamma t),  not F0=cos)(gamma t))


HW #8 - Due Tuesday 5/24  


HW #7 - Due Tuesday 5/17  


HW #6 - Due Tuesday 5/10   (Revised: 5/6 - Section 4.4 was shortened)


HW #5 - Due Tuesday 5/3 (Revised: 4/28 - Section 4.2 was cut)


HW #4 - Due Tuesday 4/26 (Revised: 4/22 - Section 3.3 was shortened)


HW #3 - Due Tuesday 4/19  (Revised: 4/15 - Section 2.6 and the chapter review were shortened)


HW #2 - Due Tuesday 4/12  (Revised: 4/8 - Section 2.4 was cut)


HW #1 - Due Tuesday 4/5

Addition to HW #1:  1) Print the class syllabus

2) Calc II Review and Answers (You do not need to turn this in.  Review if needed.)




*Note: These assignments are subject to revision.  I will announce any revisions in class and will indicate a revision with a note next to the assignment above.      


Homework Policy:  Homework will be collected at the beginning of class on Tuesdays with some exceptions.   Homework will be graded out of 15 points; 6 points for completion, 9 points for the correctness of three selected problems from the homework.  Late homework will not be accepted.  At the end of the quarter, the lowest homework assignment will be dropped.


In order to receive credit for each assignment, it must be complete, on-time, and meet the following criteria:

    * Problem-solving steps must be shown clearly for all problems.

    * On standard size (8" x 11") paper with no fringed edges.

    * Pages must be stapled in order if there is more than 1 page.

    * All the variables you use must be defined with units included.

    * Graphs must be drawn with a straight edge and axes must be labeled and scaled.



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