Math 070


Due date of homework(2.5)and worksheets is changed as follows:

  • Number Problems: due on 2/6
  • Perimeter Problems: due on 2/10
  • Coin Problems: due on 2/10
  • Age Problems: due on 2/13

Download worksheets (2.5) and bring them to the class.



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Worksheet A (Fractions) due on 1/9     Worksheet B (Integers)  due on 1/16

Worksheet C (Simplify)                         Worksheet D (Solve)                               


2.5: Number Problems, due on 2/5   Perimeter Problems,  due on 2/10

       Coin Problems, due on 2/11       Age Problems  due on 2/12


Chapter 4. Worksheet E (Exponents)     

Chapter 3. Worksheet F (Graph)

                  Graph Paper1(Large grid)  and    Graph Paper2(Small grid)


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