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Lawrence D. Fuell




The Global Affairs Center is a Shoreline hub for encouraging critical thinking, dialog and engagement on global issues. GAC programs promote awareness and inter-cultural understanding among students, college employees, and community members.


  • Symposiums – speakers and discussions around particular global themes, such as the viewpoints of rising global powers, global food security, and humanitarian assistance
  • Global Eyes – daytime events that highlight student, college employees and community member global interests and experiences
  • Great Discussions – small-group discussions about specific foreign policy issues
  • Learning Moments – impromptu discussions of current global events, such as humanitarian emergencies, economic crises, and political changes
  • Partnerships with Campus and Global Education Organizations – The GAC works with SCC student clubs, and other educational/public affairs organizations to promote international education, including:
    • The Worldly Philosophers and Dismal Scientists Society (WPDSS) student club
    • The Evans School of Public Affairs/Humphrey Fellows Program, UW
    • Global Washington
    • The World Affairs Council of Seattle
    • The Washington Council on International Trade
    • The Washington State China Relations Council


  • Supports campus internationalization
  • Aids global awareness, multicultural understanding, and general intellectual ability
  • Advances the college’s commitment to student success and program excellence
  • Builds partnerships with local businesses, schools, public offices, and international partners