Art and Art History 

Program Information

The Visual Arts Program (Studio Art, Art History and Visual Communications Technology) provides a broad foundation of study in studio art and design, photography, art history and appreciation in order to develop the visual sensibility of its students, to encourage their participation in and appreciation of the arts, to expand their individual creative horizons and to prepare them to pursue a broad range of goals beyond the community college setting.

Transfer Program: Associate in Fine Arts

The AFA degree offers students multiple opportunities and experience in a number of art disciplines with an emphasis on the development of a strong portfolio of artwork. The AFA degree is a model that highlights transfer opportunities as an art major to Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Fine Art programs, while providing graduates with a sold foundation for artistic growth and for employment opportunities with just the associate degree. Students pursuing the AFA degree have two options of study. They can complete the Foundation Studio Art Option with a concentration in two-dimensional or in three-dimensional art, or, if they have a clear interest in photography, they can complete the Photography Option. AFA - Foundation Studio, AFA - Photography.

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As a student at SCC, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with our outstanding, award-winning faculty who are interested in your education goals. Our faculty are also your advisors and are available to answer your questions.

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