English Department: Transfer Composition


Transfer composition courses at Shoreline Community College prepare students for the kind of reading, writing, research, critical thinking, and other communication skills needed for success in future academic classes and beyond.

Students in English 101, Composition and Expository Prose, focus on short essays (typically 3-4 pages) that may include research. They practice critical reading skills such as analysis, synthesis, and application of ideas. English 101 instructors choose their own individual texts and course themes, so the courses vary widely.

Students in English 102, Reasoning, Research, and Writing, focus on research writing. Students learn the research process, including contemporary search techniques, note-taking, drafting, and finishing a large research paper (typically 10 pages or more). They also learn the critical reading skills needed to evaluate the usefulness of information.

English 102 instructors choose their own individual course theme and texts, so the content of classes vary widely. In all transfer composition courses, students learn to self-assess in order to revise their own writing. Discussion of readings and assignments is an important aspect of composition courses, whether they be online or face to face.

Length of Program: 90 Credits Completion Award: A.S. Degree

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