English Department: Developmental English

Developmental English

Shoreline's Developmental English program prepares students to think, read and write in college. These courses--English 090 and Study Skills 100, and English 099--integrate skill development with carefully chosen content. The instructors of developmental English offer a supportive environment for learning and acclimating to college life.

ENGLISH 090 Reading and Writing in the Academic Subjects (5)

Offered only in combination with StySk 100 for a total of 10 credits. Students learn about the various academic subjects and improve their reading, writing and critical thinking abilities in the subjects. The course helps students explore and understand their academic and career interests. Prerequisite: Students need ASSET scores of 35 in Reading and 33 in Language Usage or have passed English 080 to take this class. Registration requires the signature of an approved advisor. Student option grading.

ENGLISH 099 Analytical Reading and Writing (5)

Develop academic skills in critical reading, writing, and thinking that students need to perform college-level work. Readings may cross disciplines, genres, and cultures. Students will write essays that conform to college standards for development, organization, and mechanics. Prerequisites: reading/writing placement in Eng 100 or higher or equivalent with recommendation or equivalent with instructor's permission. Must show placement results for first class. Student option grading.