English Department: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a writing center on this campus where I can get some help with my papers? 

The Writing & Learning Studio (Room 1501) is the place to go for free writing handouts, writing workshops and tutorial assistance with your writing from any class. They give helpful feedback during all steps of the writing process - from understanding a new assignment to polishing a final draft. It's a friendly environment open to all students - and no appointment is necessary! (For more information, check out the The Writing & Learning Studio. Better yet, visit the TWLS during open hours.)


What do I have to do if I want to be an English major? 

This particular education track suggests that you'll be transferring to a university for a baccalaureate (four-year university-level) degree. There is not an English associates degree. However, for your higher education planning, you would do well to contact your advisor and plan using the "Associate in Arts and Sciences" ( ) planning sheet. Then, you may also wish to visit the websites of the institutions that you may wish to transfer to in order to see what courses are advised. As you plan your Distribution Requirements and Electives, you may formulate your degree at Shoreline to your advantage for your major. There are campus activities that may strengthen your application to university, and those include various extra-curricular activities related to English such as publishing, student club activities, public readings, and others.


What sorts of jobs might be available with an English degree? 

Check with Shoreline's career center and other resources to find out where the jobs are for this particular field at this particular time.


How may I explore writing as a student?

The English Department offers a range of courses in composition, research writing, poetry writing, short and fiction writing. There are some Communications courses linked to the writing of screenplays and scripts. Please refer to the school's catalog and course schedule for more information about these course offerings.


What publishing opportunities are there for a student? 

Shoreline Community College publishes Spindrift, a literary and arts magazine annually. Ebbtide, an award-winning student newspaper, appears biweekly and includes various student-created content. In addition, there may be other publishing efforts on campus through Student Programs and some student clubs. Please check in the "Student Clubs and Publications" link to the left. Do contact the various offices and student clubs as well to find out what projects are afoot.


Where can I go for advising if I want to be an English major?

You are welcome to make an appointment with the Humanities advisor or to contact the faculty member assigned to you as your academic advisor.


What sorts of English-based events are held on campus?

The campus has been host to various events - for poetry performances and readings, literary showcases and other events.


What sorts of challenge examinations are available in English?

While this school does not accept AP credit for English, it does offer limited challenge examinations for students who test within a particular range in the English segment of the ASSET test. Those who take this exam may be accepted into English 101 without taking any prior courses.


There are also challenge exams available for both English 101, "Composition and Expository Prose," and English 102, "Reasoning, Research and Writing." Please contact the English Department chair(s) for more information.