Students in the U.S.

If you are a new student currently studying in the U.S., please follow the instructions on this page.

1. Check the I-20 document in the welcome packet we sent you to make sure there are no errors. You will use this document is used to obtain your student visa. If there is any error, please contact us immediately.


Please check the following:

  • The spelling of your name. Your name on the I-20 document must exactly match the way your name is written on your passport!
  • The country of birth and country of citizenship
  • The I-20 start date (see No. 5 on your I-20)

2. Complete the Transfer Status Verification Form


 Important Information About F-1 Transfer
If you are currently in the U.S. and are attending another school in F-1 (student) status, you will be “transferring” to Shoreline Community College from your current school.

Ask the international student advisor at your current school to fill out Shoreline Community College's Transfer Eligibility Form. Please make sure that you have filled out the first section and signed the form. The International Student Advisor at your current school will be filling out the second section and faxing the form to Shoreline Community College.

Discuss your “Release Date” with the international student advisor at your current school which they will be entering in the SEVIS database. This is the date that your SEVIS immigration record will be released from your current school to Shoreline Community College. After the release date, the International Education Office at Shoreline Community College will be able to produce an I-20 for you.

Be sure to check with your current school's international student advisor if you need to do anything to give them final permission to release your SEVIS record to Shoreline Community College. Some schools require students to fill out a form before they release the student's record. (Note: Make sure that you have been admitted to Shoreline Community College before your SEVIS record is actually released to our school).

Once your record has been released from your current school to Shoreline Community College, we will be able to issue you an I-20 from Shoreline. Please provide us with clear instructions regarding when you need the I-20. If you will be traveling outside the US* before you begin your program at Shoreline, please let us know when you will need the I-20 and where it should be mailed to you.

The purpose stated on your I-20 will be “Transfer Pending”. Once you begin your program at Shoreline Community College, you will be given an I-20 for “Continued Attendance”.
*NOTE: A trip to Canada during the break is the same as leaving the U.S.


3. Check the expiration date on your passport. The final date on your passport should be at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States.

4. Send your homestay application to ABODEor USA International. If you are planning to stay in a homestay, we recommend that you send in your application, placement fee and deposit as soon as possible. Please see application materials included in your admission packet. More information is also on the the housing page.

5. Attend the International Student Orientation Program. While you are already an experienced student in the United States, it is important to get the most up-to-date information for planning your academic path and learn Shoreline specific information to succeed in your classes and on campus. All new students including you are required to attend from the first day of ISOP. More detail, please click here.

6. Begin classes! Please see your acceptance letter for the date of the first day of classes.