English assessment tests are not required for admission

During the International Student Orientation Program, students will take an ESL placement test to determine their starting point. 

What if I have taken the TOEFL/IELTS or other test?

If you have taken one of the following English assessment tests in the last 2 years and received a high score (see below), you may be eligible to enroll directly into college-level English or get placed at a higher ESL level.

If we do not receive your original scores before the deadline*, you will be asked to take our ESL placement test on the first day of orientation.

*You MUST submit ORIGINAL documents to us 7 days prior to orientation.

*Original documents are those sent directly by the testing company to our office or forwarded to us by you. Original documents will not be returned.

If you have received the following minimum scores within the last 2 years, you can enroll directly into college-level English:

  TOEFL IELTS (academic) STEP EIKEN Pearson (academic)
Overall Score 72 (iBT) 6.0 Pre-1st degree 49
Writing Score 21 (iBT) 6.0 N/A 56

What if I did not receive the above scores, but still got a good score?

If you have received the following minimum scores within the last 2 years, you are ensured a minimum placement into ESL 080 - College Bridge A or higher; however, you will still need to take Shoreline's ESL test upon arrival.

  TOEFL IELTS (academic) Pearson (academic)
Overall 65 (iBT) 5.5 46
Writing 18 (iBT) 5.5 49

Test scores below these levels will not be used in academic placement at Shoreline. Placement will be determined by your score on Shoreline's comprehensive diagnostic ESL test, given after arrival on campus.