Academic advisors are available to every student at Shoreline to assist them with making academic decisions and educational plans. Advisors provide students with information about career and major planning, university transfer admission requirements, Shoreline degree and graduation requirements, registration, course selection, and Shoreline services. By working with an advisor, students are able to make the connection between their academic interests, degree requirements, and career opportunities.


International Student Advisors


All full-time faculty and some staff at Shoreline assume responsibility for advising students. Advisors are available with expertise in many different academic and career interest areas – business advisors, engineering advisors, music advisors, cosmetology advisors.


In addition, Shoreline provides International Student Advisors with expertise specifically to meet international students' needs. Our International Student Advisors have all lived or traveled overseas, and know first-hand what it feels like to experience and adapt to a new language and culture. In addition to assisting you with your academic planning and questions, International Student Advisors are here to help with issues of cross-cultural adjustment, information about Seattle or the United States in general, and anything else you need to be successful living and studying in the U.S.


International Education maintains an advising schedule that consists of daily "drop-in" (no appointment needed) time as well as individual appointment time. Advisors are also available to assist students via email with their questions, to save you a trip to the office!


Students are encouraged to seek advising assistance during the middle weeks of the quarter, when there is less student traffic in International Education. We want to be sure that you have the information you need about your degree or career plans, and the related course requirements. Plan ahead and be prepared to make wise and appropriate class choices during the registration period for next quarter!