Shoreline Community College does not require agents to submit an invoice.  Each quarter, after the 35th day of classes, we send our partners a list of referred students to confirm the total number.


6.1 The College agrees to pay Agent Company Name a per-student flat fee of $475 per quarter for a maximum of three (3) quarters for the student’s first three college quarters of full time study (minimum of 12 credit hours), within a twelve month period, for each student admitted to the College as per provisions contained in this Agreement.

6.2 The College will pay a bonus to Agent Company Name for referring 5 or more students who enroll at the College full-time and meet the provisions of this agreement. This payment is intended to provide an incentive to the contractor, and to provide assistance for marketing promotions for the College. The contractor will receive the bonus pursuant to the Bonus Structure described in Appendix A. Bonuses will be based on the total number of students referred over four quarters beginning summer, fall, winter and spring, and will be paid in a lump sum during spring quarter.

6.3 The College will not pay any fees to the contractor for students that withdraw from school prior to the thirty-five calendar days of the quarter.

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