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English as a Second Language

Program Description

Shoreline offers from basic to advanced level English classes. The lower levels offer intensive English to students who need to develop their basic skills. The upper levels help students move into regular college classes with emphasis on reading and writing about academic topics.

Many students taking upper level ESL can also take regular college classes that do not have an English pre-requisite, for example math, some fine arts classes, some psychology classes and physical education.

After students complete the ESL program, they move on to English 101. English 101 is a regular English course required for most degrees at Shoreline, and also for transfer to other colleges and universities.

Shoreline does NOT require international students to take the TOEFL or any other English proficiency in order to be admitted. All students are welcome at Shoreline, regardless of their current English ability! Students who have taken TOEFL or another test can visit this page to learn about exemption from ESL. Students who have not taken any proficiency test will take Shoreline's English Placement Test when they arrive on campus for orientation.

Learning Support

Shoreline has a state-of-the-art language lab where students can access audio-visual material, and special software to supplement their classroom studies. Free 1:1 tutoring is available plus additional reading, writing and learning assistance is offered in the Writing and Learning Studio. Shoreline also has several Learning Support Centers that provide tutoring and support for other subjects.