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International Peer Mentors


The International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are current international students who are here to welcome and introduce you to the vibrant campus life of Shoreline Community College. You'll see them at Orientation, other special events, and usually whenever you visit the International Education office.  Read more about what IPMs do and how to become an IPM.

Liping (Joseph) Chin, Taiwan

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2014
Major: Business

 I enjoy meeting different people and learning their perspectives, cultures, and lives. It is my pleasure to be able to help students in their most critical years in life as an IPM, and I will strive to answer your questions regarding academia, interpersonal relationships, and extracurriculum. Feel free to ask us questions anytime, the IPMs are more than happy to assist you in your years in Shoreline Community College.

 What I do when I'm free: Watching movies and American TV series.

 Favorite place on campus: PUB

 Favorite classes: Economics, which explains the individual choices and the entire operating system of the global economy. American Literature, which makes you a better critical thinker, and there’s no restriction or limit in literature.

Club participation: Korean Club

Hawa Coulibaly, Mali

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2013

Major: Communications Studies

As an International Peer Mentor, I am looking forward to learning about your culture and interest, but also sharing with you my knowledge and experiences about Shoreline Community College. During your academic year at Shoreline Community College, we will be learning and growing together in a dynamic environment thanks to the other members in the International Education Department. If you have any questions, we are usually in International Education, so feel free to join us.

Favorite place at Shoreline: The Main Dining Room is my favorites place to hang out because it is where the food is.

Why I chose Shoreline: I choose Shoreline because of its welcoming environment. I felt at home since the first day of orientation and ever since I made friends that became family.

Clubs I am in: Worldly Philosophers and Dismal Scientist’s Society and African Student Club.

Favorite food: Tchiep Djen, which is a West African dish.

Daigoro Hata, Japan

Started at Shoreline: Spring 2014
Major: Business

I decided to be an IPM so that I have more opportunities to meet people who are from different countries. I would never be able to experience it in my country, so it is important experience to me me and something I absolutely wanted. I’m happy to answer the questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to ask and contact us.

What I do when I'm free: I normally explore and go to the beaches or parks. Especially those I’ve never been to since chilling out in those places helps to release my stress.

Why I chose Shoreline: My uncle who lives in New York recommended I study in Seattle since I wanted to study in place which is neither urban or rural. After that, I asked my agency based on that, and she said that Shoreline Community College is the best fit for me.

Most helpful resource on campus: The International Education (IE) department!! For your study, there are always places, like the library, writing studio, and math learning center for helping you.

Favorite class: Drama! It has no relation with my major, but it was simply fun class and good class for making new friends.

Lai Kwan (Canmie) Lau, Hong Kong

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2014
Major: Business Accounting

Being an IPM is good chance for me to communicate with the international students at Shoreline Community College. I can learn a lot and improve myself during the process when I assist you guys. I enjoy helping people. Our goal is help make your experience at Shoreline great and exceptional. We are here for you guys anytime when you need help with your studies, host family, and any other difficulties. So feel free and come to us.

Why I chose Shoreline: I chose Shoreline because my sister recommended it to me. And I also got to meet one of the great Academic Advisors before coming to Shoreline. After meeting them I felt that Shoreline is a nice and helpful campus with great resources and opportunities that can build up my learning skills and own personalities.

Advice for new students: Become friends with a diverse group of people. There are students here from all different backgrounds and places. This will allow you to use and improve your English skills. Don’t be scared to use English. Also, we are the great resources for you to ask for help in Shoreline. You are very welcome to stop by International Education Department to ask us any academic or life question.

Clubs I'm in: I am the vice-president of the Shoreline Ukulele Club. Welcome and join us. And I am a member of the Just Dance Club.

Favorite color: Purple

Hei Yui (Angus) Ng, Hong Kong

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2014
Major: Social Work

When I was a new student, I was quite nervous about starting my new college life. Fortunately, the former IPMs helped me a lot, and this helped me in having a wonderful and enjoyable college experience. This is a reason I am now an IPM. I like to help and support people. If you have any questions about anything, just feel free to talk and ask me. Let's become successful Shoreline students together! :)

Favorite place in Shoreline: Richmond Beach, Costco, and of course our campus!

Advice for new students: If you have any academic and social questions, free to see and talk with the advisors. Also, writing and learning studio is a good place for you to improve your English.

Clubs I'm in: Heroes Club, Ukulele club

Favorite food: Any kinds of food except chocolate. I will recommend a Japanese restaurant, Musashi’s, which is located in U-District. The most delicious salmon bowl can be found in there!

Shin A Oh, South Korea
Shin A

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2014
Major: Nursing

I chose to be an IPM because it was great opportunity to learn leadership and also I can meet international students from different countries. Assisting students will definitely help me to learn their diverse perspective. I have been an international student for a while, so I will try my best to help students be successful campus at Shoreline Community College. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask questions.

My impression of Seattle: Nice beaches and mountains reminded of my hometown, Busan. So, I was happy to be here. Also, Lots of Starbucks coffee shops! I used to not like coffee, but I am a big fan of it now.

Most helpful resource on campus: International Education department and Library

Favorite food: Noodle soup, Sushi, and peach milk tea with Boba

Favorite colors: Pink, yellow, green 

Natasha Surjana, Indonesia

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2014
Major: Industrial Engineering

Ask me anything! The reason why I chose to be an IPM is to help you guys, not just on an academic level, but about everything. I genuinely want to know all of you personally; so, ask me questions like which classes to take, where to go, and where to eat. Good luck!

What I do when I'm free: Just like a good student, I will finish my homework first and do other things afterwards. I love to run, cook, play guitar, nap, munch on food, and take over Seattle.

Favorite place in Shoreline: Basically, any ice cream/gelato shop. Ask me for recommendations!

Advice for new students: Never be shy, make lots of friends, and enjoy every moment at Shoreline, because before you know it, you’ll be graduating soon. Also, Seattle is such a beautiful city; so explore and discover more!

Favorite color:  Pink, although I wear a lot of black and white.

James Tjuanta, Indonesia

Started at Shoreline: Winter 2014
Major: Nursing

I was a new student like you, so I know exactly how it feels to move to a new environment without knowing anything or anyone. It can be tough! As an IPM, I want to help by answering your questions and helping you as much as I can to make a great experience here at Shoreline CC for both you and me.

What I do when I'm free: Running, hiking, playing games, reading, and cooking/baking.

My impressions of Seattle: “Wow, it rains a lot here.” It is just the perfect place for nature lover, lots of greens and great places to hike or chill.

Advice for new students: Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need anything and be engaged in the Shoreline community. Make some new friends :)

Most helpful resource on campus: Library and computer labs. You can pretty much find any academic resources at these two places.