Summer Operating Hours July 10 – Sept 1

Mon-Thurs 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m.–noon

What International Peer Mentors Do

The International Peer Mentor (IPM) is a campus leadership position. Only a small number of international students are selected to be an IPM. They work as a team to assist new students with navigating the U.S. college system while providing peer support and understanding during their cultural adjustment. IPMs remain connected with new and continuing international students through various social and educational events in an effort to integrate them into the campus community. The International Peer Mentor program is a core service that is vital for international student success. 

IPM Mission

To provide comprehensive support to new and continuing international students in order to achieve cross-cultural experiences and academic successes at Shoreline Community College.

Learning Outcomes for IPMs

By organizing and facilitating events and activities, we hope that students who serve as IPMs will grow in five areas*

Independence and Social Responsibility

Accepting personal responsibility to understand a system and structure of student service delivery of International Education; work independently and as a team to set goals, meet deadlines, and produce quality work as a member of the International Education Office.

Appreciating Diversity

Listening and understanding your audience's needs with patience; help the audience to achieve understanding, acceptance and commitment to succeed in the new culture and college system that they may not be familiar with.

Collaboration and Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships

Being open to new ideas, overcoming challenges and learning from mistakes; actively participating in providing and accepting feedback and encouragement to foster teamwork.

Leadership Development

Creating and nurturing a performance-based culture that supports efforts to accomplish the IPM duties and team goals for each performance.

Satisfying and Productive Lifestyles

Balancing multiple responsibilities as a responsible college student: effectively handle a stressful workload, study and social engagements; effectively manage time and constructively communicate needs to the rest of the IPM team and supervisor.

*Adapted from the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education 6th Edition