Day 4                                             

Session Title

Session Description

 JUMP into Shoreline

Get introduced to the JUMP into Shoreline Program. This is a program for new International Students.


 U.S. Health Care and

 Medical Insurance

Living in a new country, you often find difficult to understand how the U.S. health care works and use your medical insurance at the time of your sickness or injury. The session will explain how Firebird International Insurance Plan works and takes care of you well.


 Pizza Lunch and IPM Social

The IPMs (International Peer Mentors) share their experiences of living in Seattle and "surviving" in a completely new environment in the U.S. You will get a complimentary Survival Guide filled with tips and advice by the experienced students from Shoreline. Free pizzas and drinks!


 Cultural Adjustment &


Changes in food, friends, language and climate are exciting, yet they can make you work hard to adjust! Tips and advice for the adjustment will be shared by experienced professional and peers.


 Banking 101

The session will be presented by local bankers who will assist you with opening your accounts in U.S. and educating you on how to receive wire-transferred funds from your country.