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Day 2                                              

Session Title Session Description

 Welcome & Campus Tour

 by Student Leadership


Student Body Association and Arts & Entertainment Board (A&E) will greet and introduce clubs and organizations. They will then lead students on a campus tour, providing valuable insight and important information all students must know.


 Homestay Orientation

Living with a host family can be new and challenging!   Know the basic rules and guidelines that will make your homestay pleasant. The homestay agents will be here to assist you with trouble-shooting and advice.


*If you are not living with a host family, you will not need to attend this session. There will be an alternative activity planned.


 Lunch & Social

Students and parents are welcome to join lunch and socialize.


 High School Completion

 Program Overview

This special session for HSCP provides general information on how HSCP works at Shoreline.


 Saudi Arabian

 Student Session

At this session Saudi Arabian students will get connected with resources, including a member of the Muslim Student Association.   In addition, we will go over guidelines of the scholarship.


*This is a mandatory session for all Saudi Arabian students.


 Game of Frisbee or Soccer

Join the IPMs and student volunteers in a game of Frisbee or soccer, two popular American College sports.