International Education Week


Details on future programs pending.


2012 International Education Week:


Tuesday, November 13th 
12:30-1:20 pm, Room 9208 PUB

“Governor’s Trade Mission to India”
Shoreline Community College employee, Samira Pardanani, represented SCC on the Governor’s trade mission to India. She will discuss what she learned on the trip and how Shoreline can benefit from partnerships in India.

Presenter: Samira Pardanani, Director, Admissions and Immigration Services


Wednesday, November 14th
12:30-1:20 pm, Room 9208 PUB

“The International Peer Mentor (IPM) Program”

The IPM program is one of the jewels of student engagement here at Shoreline CC. Join Mari and the current student-leaders, to learn more about the programs objectives, recent activities, and how it advances student interactions across campus.

Presenters: Mari Kosin – Director, International Student Services, and Michelle Wu, Sayaka Iida, Davin Utama, Kenneth Sze, Vimol Mok, 2012-2013 IPM Leaders 


Wednesday, November 14th  
12:30-1:20 pm, Room 9208 PUB

“The Hospitality and Tourism College (HTC) Training Program”
Maddie Diabate, Santika Salim, Serena Lee, Lam Dinh, Stanley Tai, 2012-2013 PAL team.
Shoreline has hosted the Hospitality and Tourism College (HTC) for the past ten years. A critical part of the success of the HTC program is the role of the Peer Activity Leaders (PAL). Bob and members of the current PAL team will discuss the program and how it operates, and how it contributes to campus internationalization.

Presenter: Robert Zwingli – HTC ESL Program Coordinator and Instructor


Wednesday, November 15th 
11:30 am-12:20 pm, Room 9208 PUB

“Study/Service Abroad Information Meeting”
Speak directly to students who have participated in these programs in the past. What did they gain (besides academic credits) from their overseas experience? What advise can they offer to prepare and get the most from your overseas study/service experience?

Presenters: Marianne Cole (Jamaica), Cherese Smith (Jamaica), Ashley Thueson (Jamaica), Simon Walker (Spain)


Wednesday, November 15th 
12:30-1:20 pm, Room 9208 PUB

“Recent International Travels and Initiatives”
President Lambert will discuss his recent overseas travel, what he learned, what he gained for the College, and how an overseas experience benefits each of us.

Presenter: President Lee Lambert