Student Voices: Billy


Billy (BillyIndustrial Engineering, Purdue University)



How did you hear about and choose Shoreline Community College?


My friend told me about Shoreline, and then I saw it at college
fairs in Singapore and Indonesia. I heard it had a good business
program and good transfer rate to the University of Washington. I
also visited another college near Shoreline, but didn't really like
it. I just loved the campus.


Are you glad you chose Shoreline?


Of course I'm glad, I enjoyed the campus and classes. I had a great
experience with the whole International Education staff and I just
felt like there were friendly people all around the college.

What was the best thing about your experience at Shoreline

Community College?


Definitely being an IPM (International Peer Mentor),
because it made me active and connected to people and events all
over campus. However, you don't need to be an IPM in order to be
well connected. Just get involved in student activities, join clubs,
take a leadership position in clubs or student government. That
helps you get to know the campus and other students well, and it
lets you build your leadership skills. A lot of students who don't
get involved say "Oh it's boring...I don't have many friends" but if
you just look around you will find many ways to be active on campus,
and to feel like part of the community. In my case, even before i
became an IPM, I searched for clubs and activities and I'd recommend
others do the same.


How was studying at Purdue University different from
studying at Shoreline Community College?


The work load is definitely more because I had a new assignment
almost every class. It wasn't harder, just more, so you have to
manage your time better. Classes at Purdue vary...some have hundreds
of students, some have 50 students. Fifty is my smallest class. At
Shoreline, my Communications class had about 20 people in it and
that was pretty common.


So do you believe Shoreline Community College prepared you well
to continue your major studies at university?


Yes, Shoreline prepared me well but a couple credits, like
psychology 1 and 2, did not transfer. Like I said, the classes at
both schools are equally challenging, just more homework at Purdue.
As for professors, I feel that the Shoreline professors are just as
knowledgeable as those at Purdue. The only difference is the
Shoreline professors aren't required to constantly perform research
like at Purdue.


I think Shoreline is the best college in the area. Everyone around
campus is just so friendly. You'll feel more like home here.