Student Voices: Liberto


LibertoLiberto Julianto
(Biochemistry, minor in Chemistry)



How did you hear about and choose Shoreline Community College?


It was kind of by chance. I always wanted to go study in the U.S.,
but I had no idea how or where to go. My friend's brother helped him
select a college. Then when his I-20 came in the mail, I saw the
envelope from Shoreline. I did some checking on the website and it
looked good.


Are you glad you chose Shoreline?


Yes. I like the staff because they are always so nice. Applying for
admission seemed so complicated, but they helped make the process
easier. After I became a student, they always gave me the right
amount of motivation. Not only did they give me lots of
encouragement, but they also helped me make good decisions.
Sometimes I wanted to take a short cut or an easy way, but they told
me when that was a bad idea. I'm really glad I followed their advice
because it helped me transfer to the University of Washington


What was the best thing about your experience at Shoreline
Community College?


Being an IPM! (International Peer Mentor) This was so important for
me, and I think for my fellow students who benefit from the IPMs. I
was one of five IPMs whose job is to be a bridge. We connect
international students with social & educational events, with each
other, with the right campus resources where they could get the help
and advice they need! Being an IPM really, really helped me become a
better communicator and leader. Having good grades and my IPM
experience made me very confident I would transfer to the UW easily,
and I did!


How was studying at the University of Washington different from
studying at Shoreline Community College?


It was much more competitive and I felt like an individual. At
Shoreline I felt like a community member, like among fellow
Indonesian and all international students. At Shoreline classes were
much smaller and it was really easy to speak with my professors and
get extra help or discussion. Because of that, I think Shoreline was
the best place to really learn what we studied.


So do you believe Shoreline Community College prepared you well
to continue your major studies at university?


Yes. For example, my major is Biochemistry. Our chemistry class at UW
had about 300 students in it, but our lab section had about 40.
Every time we did experiments or other lab work, the Teaching
Assistant always used the same 3 students as examples for the
others. The Teaching Assistant said their work was done exactly the
way it should be. I was one of those students and the other two were
also transfer students from Shoreline!